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  • Opening remarks from the chairperson
    Sonya Law
    Sonya Law

    SL Human Resources Consulting

  • Workshop 1: High performance HR – staying focused and maximising workflow

    As HR leaders you are often wearing multiple hats and it’s sometimes hard to stay focused without constantly being hijacked by other people’s demands. This session will look at ways to stay focused on the things that matter and how to work more proactively – not reactively. It will also explore how to maximise your daily workflow and techniques to train your attention to improve your focus and mental clarity.

    •  The cost of context switching  
    • Organising your day/week for optimal performance 
    • Three distinct work-modes to boost productivity 
    • Mindfulness techniques to train your attention and awareness 
    • Research of multitasking and surprising facts  
    Melo Calarco
    Melo Calarco

    Mindfulness and High Performance Coach

  • Workshop 2: Navigating the AI revolution and the shifting future of work

    Beyond workers’ initial positivity, organisations need a bigger plan for GenAI and fast. Organisations and workers are being left behind as the world of work shifts from a jobs-based economy to a skills-based one. In the race to embrace AI, organisations must protect their most valuable assets: people. This session will feature actionable strategies to help HR and people leaders navigate ongoing disruption. 

    • The challenges and opportunities connected with the unfolding AI revolution and today’s workforce trends 
    • Closing the gaps in strategic guidance and effective C-suite support  
    • Critical components of a uniquely human approach to retention and development 
    Nithya Ramaswamy
    Nithya Ramaswamy

    Solutions Director

    James McIlvena
    James McIlvena

    Managing Director Australia and New Zealand

  • Morning tea and refreshments break
  • Workshop 3: Developing your digital employee experience

    Explore how Workvivo is redefining employee engagement and communication in the digital era. Learn actionable strategies to enhance your organisation’s digital employee experience, leveraging the capabilities of Workvivo.

    • Find out why Workvivo has been coined as the “Digital Heart of an Organisation”
    • Hear from an industry expert who has navigated the complexities of employee engagement across a number of Australian brands
    • Learn how Workvivo helps businesses reach & inform, connect & engage, and listen & align
    • Discover how to improve employee retention, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity with Workvivo
    Adam Bowden
    Adam Bowden

    Head of Workvivo, APJ

    Steve Mann
    Steve Mann

    Digital Communications and Strategy Specialist

  • Workshop 4: How to overcome Australia’s labour and skills shortages

    Join our workshop on overcoming Australia’s labor and skills shortages, where we’ll delve into innovative strategies and practical solutions.

    • Learn about the latest labour market trends in the Australian market
    • Gain insights into innovative talent management strategies and technology solutions tailored to address the challenges of the current market
    • Explore the limitless potential of hiring talent from anywhere and everywhere
    Eli Chuah
    Eli Chuah

    Solutions Consultant

  • Workshop 5: Identifying and empowering tomorrow’s leaders: what can you do about it today

    How work gets done has changed and profoundly impacted leadership purpose, creating a shift from leaders as ‘directors’ to ‘enablers’. Join Ben as he introduces a leadership approach driven by up-to-date and extensive research into the evolving leadership landscape. Discover a framework and insightful leadership solutions designed to select and develop the successful leaders of tomorrow. 

    • Why leadership identity is critical for success in today’s complex workplace 
    • The key qualities, skills and behaviours required to enable future-ready leadership 
    • How Talogy’s Leadership Framework can be used to empower leaders to fit for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges 
    Ben Hainsworth
    Ben Hainsworth

    Head of Talogy Australia

  • Workshop 6: The #1 skillset you need in 2024: HR marketing

    HR professionals have long been familiar with the power of an effective employer brand, but in 2024 that’s not enough. With skills shortages impacting countless industries and retention a key priority, it’s time for HR to adopt more from marketing’s skillset. This session will cover:

    • How to ‘think like a marketer’ by developing expertise in areas like market mapping, persona creation, brand advocacy, content creation and channel usage
    • How HR decision-making can be fueled by data-driven insights, similar to marketing teams
    • How to use curated content throughout the recruitment funnel to optimise your EVP and form deeper connections with passive and active candidates
    Holly Barnes
    Holly Barnes

    Chief People Officer

  • Networking lunch
  • Workshop 7: Session details TBC
  • Workshop 8: Session details TBC
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  • Opening remarks from the chairperson
  • Workshop 9: The era of (dis)connection

    With technology creating more ways to connect than ever before, why are we more disconnected than we have ever been? In this session, we’ll dive into the heart of this paradox, looking at the rapidly changing work environment and its impact on our sense of purpose and belonging. We’ll examine the power of connections at work and share some tangible ways to create stronger, meaningful relationships. Join us to explore: 

    • The research – insights into connection and its impact on organisational performance and effectiveness  
    • Leadership essentials – the skills that leaders need to build trust and belonging with their teams  
    • The role of HR – how we can bridge the gap and cultivate a more connected workplace 
    Ashlea Roach
    Ashlea Roach

    Founder & Managing Director
    People Co.

  • Workshop 10: Session details TBC
  • Morning tea and refreshments break
  • Workshop 11: Session details TBC
  • Workshop 12: Taking a proactive approach to health and safety – how to prioritise your health

    “Health and safety” play an integral part in all organisations. “Safety” is generally well managed and organised, however the “health” of each individual often takes a back seat. How can we take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to health to future proof the health of our workforce? This session will examine what true “health” is and how to improve our health and wellbeing.

    • What is the true definition of “health”?
    • 5-step process on how to improve health and wellbeing
    • How to promote self-care at work
    Dr Lucas Karayannis
    Dr Lucas Karayannis

    Health Consultant

  • Workshop 13: Session details TBC
  • Networking lunch
  • Workshop 14: Horsepower for connected teams – psychosocial safety to cultivate human engagement

    Working with her horse Jorge, Jess shares the biofeedback from the horse’s response to the collective energy of the group to help people recognise how they impact those around them and identify where group energy is misaligned, developing a cohesive, connected team. In this session: 

    • Increase emotional intelligence for authentic psychological safety and trust in teams 
    • Break the leadership bubble: gain insight into how horses mirror your presence and develop attuned skills to regulate your nervous system 
    • Build trust within yourself first to enhance trust in your teams 
    • Shift your focus from being the smartest to being the most grounded leader in the room 
    Jessica Cody
    Jessica Cody

    Inner Rhythm

  • Workshop 15: Fixing meetings – how to make meetings rare, fun and productive

    How do we change the way the world thinks about meetings and break the cycle of your calendar being booked up back-to-back, or being stuck in a boring or unproductive meeting again? This workshop will provide practical tips, tricks and tools to help your team make the most of any time spent in meetings.  

    • How to facilitate productive meetings 
    • Tips to positively disrupt bad or outdated meeting habits 
    • Examples of improving engagement during meetings 
    Gavin Nelson
    Gavin Nelson

    Productivity Ninja

  • Workshop 16: The 3-step strategy to teamship – developing a high-performing team

    What if we start thinking small, not big when it comes to creating a high performance culture? Can introducing a regular, micro teamship habit achieve more than sending only the leader on a leadership program? In this session, Birthe will share a case study conducted with EY, demonstrating how every leader can start the teamship habit as early as tomorrow using her tested and proven propriety framework.  

    • Learn the surprisingly simple, yet highly effective 3-step teamship habit  
    • Why it guarantees to boost team dynamics, fuel innovation and build a resilient workplace amidst constant change  
    • Tips to get you started immediately 
    Birthe Nohrden
    Birthe Nohrden

    CEO & Founder

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