8:00amRegistration opens
9:20amWelcome from the Chairperson

Anna Pitman – Director, ACP Consulting Group

9:30amWORKSHOP 1 – Game changing trends in HCM technology (and how to make them work for your organisation) 

Human Capital Management (HCM) has been deeply studied for many decades. However, the past few years have seen rapid technology changes and emergence of new disruptive business models, at rates never seen before. These changes pose important questions for both HR and business leaders as past models/frameworks may no longer be effective in the new world.

In this session, Mike will explore:

  • The key to achieving measurable, outcome-based HCM implementations that directly align to their business performance objectives
  • How AI functions can recognise standard practices for capabilities across industries and business models
  • How new technology can provide HCM methodology-as-a-service
  • How the user experience is being redefined by technology
  • The role of changing organisation design

Mike Ellis  EVP Cloud Solutions APJ, Synchrony Global

10:00amWORKSHOP 2 – Change makers: How HR innovators are driving cultural change with inspiring and cost-effective engagement strategies

Becoming a catalyst for positive cultural change will not only give you a competitive edge but also positively impact your business results. It’s no easy task but the most effective HR leaders are embracing this shift in employee behaviour with innovative approaches that engage their people in a cost-constraint climate.

  • A ten-part practical model outlining the key levers for driving employee engagement and cultural change
  • Inspiring stories and practical engagement strategies from Australian HR innovators in the not-for-profit, retail, mining and technology sectors
  • How to secure budget and gain key stakeholder support for engagement initiatives

Kylie Green  Director of Consultancy, Reward Gateway

10:30amMorning refreshments & networking break
10:30amEXPO FLOOR – Movement, breath, mindfulness and wellness in the workplace

Kym McDonald from Yoga Australia will share the ancient wisdom of Yoga, and the importance of the integration of the body, breathe, mind, wisdom and joy for complete wellness, topics included will be;

  • Movement for health and how the physical body will always share what support it needs from the self
  • The link of the breath to the autonomic nervous system to assist with alleviating stress, anxiety and depression
  • How to relax and focus the mind so it can become, the servant not the master

Doing what we love to bring about the joy and space in our everyday life, including at work

Kym McDonald – Founder, Yogic Wisdom and NSW Representative for Yoga Australia

11:00amWORKSHOP 3 – How to design a future-proof learning strategy 

The faster technology changes, the quicker your employees’ skills are out of date. In fact, the current ‘shelf life’ of a skill is now less than 5 years (Source: LinkedIn). So the challenge for HR leaders is this – how do you design a learning strategy for your people that won’t be redundant tomorrow?

In this value-packed workshop, we’ll show you:

  • Why you must think holistically about your learning strategy to bridge the skills divide
  • The key components of a modern skills-focused learning strategy, and the role of content
  • What a modern content experience looks like (and what to avoid!)
  • How to future-proof your strategy so you and your people stay skilled-up and relevant

Chris Broughton – Learning Expert, Cornerstone OnDemand

Sue Turk – Managing Director, Cornerstone OnDemand

11:30amWORKSHOP 4 – The three keys to successful onboarding

In a tight labour market, it’s more important than ever to engage with potential talent as early and regularly as possible. In fact, research shows that poor onboarding experiences can see you losing talent only moments after they join your organisation. It’s time to take a fresh approach to onboarding to attract talent and improve the engagement of new hires. Join us to explore the three key elements to a successful onboarding experience.

Jay Munro – Employer Insights Specialist, Indeed

12:00pmWORKSHOP 5 – How to choose the right HR software partner for your organisation

Choosing the right HR software for your organisation is no easy task. With hundreds of vendors in the market, how do you know which one will suit your workforce and solve your unique challenges? In a Q&A style interview, Adam Pope, HR, Projects and Systems Manager, for Cornerstone Health will share his experience selecting and implementing Kronos Workforce Ready in their organisation and the lessons he learnt along the way.

Natira Drayton – Director – SMB Market

Adam Pope – HR – Projects and Systems Manager, Cornerstone Health

12:30pmWORKSHOP 6 – Key elements of keeping employees engaged through your eLearning courses  

Let’s face it, not all eLearning is created equal and lots of courses are just plain boring. Organisations create mandatory eLearning that focuses on completion rates and ticking a box, while sometimes completely missing the mark for creating engaging content that allows their employees to learn. In this workshop, Philip Tutty from Litmos will discuss key elements of how to create and roll out your eLearning training so that your employees are engaged and ready to learn.

During this session you will learn:

  • What design parts are crucial to creating engaging eLearning.
  • Why implementation and communication are vital for successful eLearning.
  • How to identify and eliminate barriers.
  • Why culture plays a massive role in engaging your learners

Phillip Tutty – Head of Litmos APAC, Litmos

EXPO FLOOR – Nail technicians onsite for mini manicures.
Professional nail technicians will be onsite to give you an express manicure.


1:00pmNetworking Lunch
1:00pmEXPO FLOOR – Styling for your best corporate look

Kash O’hara will discuss the following during her presentation:

  • Body shapes- identifying your shape, dressing for your shape, the best styles for your shape and celebrities with this shape you can look to for inspiration
  • Colours- am I a warm or cool colour? What colours suit me? What colours should I be wearing to bring out my best features?
  • Corporate Style

Kash O’Hara, Head Style Doctor

1:30pmEXPO FLOOR – LinkedIn professional photo

Professional photographer Simon Kerslake will be onsite to take your corporate headshot for use on your LinkedIn profile.

Simon Kerslake – Publisher, Australian Broker

2:00pmWORKSHOP 7 – How the future of work is reinventing jobs

The nature of work is evolving. How can you adapt and thrive in the new landscape? This workshop session will draw on leading thinking from two influential books on the future of work – Lead the Work and Reinventing Jobs. Explore how HR can enable businesses to seize the opportunities presented by rapid advances in automation by thinking differently about jobs and work.

Adam Hall – Talent and Rewards Leader Australia, Willis Towers Watson

2:30pmWORKSHOP 8 – Streamlining the employee lifecycle

With a workforce made up increasingly of Millennials and Gen Z, employees today are digital natives. They want a greater connection to their workplace and they expect that workplace to be digitised. Their primary form of communication? Video. So how can we make sure that today’s employees stay engaged through every step of the employee lifecycle? Join us for a discussion on how to use video through the entire lifecycle, from attraction through development to separation. We’ll make sure not only that your employees are happy, but that your HR team is more effective than ever before.

James Brennan – Managing Director, Kaltura

3:00pmAfternoon refreshments & networking break
3:15pmEXPO FLOOR – We have to talk: Managing difficult conversations in the workplace

Conversations within the context of coaching, leadership development, 360 feedback and performance reviews can be tricky and at times outright difficult. But they don’t have to be. Business coach Padraig O’Sullivan will be sharing his insight into simple ways you can approach these situations which benefit all parties and provide the best opportunity to get the outcome everyone wants.

Padraig O’Sullivan – Honorary Lecturer Masters of Business Coaching Sydney Business School / President, The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific

 4:30pm Networking drinks
8:30amRegistration opens
9:20amWelcome from the Chairperson

Anna Pitman – Director, ACP Consulting Group

9:30amWORKSHOP 9 – How leaders connect, engage and inspire using business storytelling

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, HR leaders who can engage and inspire their teams and organisations have a distinct advantage. Using the art of effective storytelling, leaders can defeat information overload to inspire the emotion and effort needed to adopt new strategies, attract new clients, and inspire employees.

Yamini Naidu will use real-world examples and proven, effective techniques to teach the skill of great business storytelling. She explains what good storytelling is, why business leaders need to learn it, how to create effective stories, and how to practice for perfection.

Yamini Naidu – The world’s only economist turned business storyteller

10:00amWORKSHOP 10 – The neuroscience of manager to leader in 90 days

This workshop will provide the latest neuroscience research and case examples of transforming managers into agile leaders of change and performance.

Through the NeuroTREAD framework, Kristen Hansen will outline how managers can become leaders through improved provision of vision and values, innovative decision-making, resilience, engagement, adaptability, leading change and coaching conversations. You will walk away with five practical neuroscience strategies.

FREE giveaway! Attendees of this workshop will receive a copy of Kristen’s book TRACTION: The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance

Kristen Hansen – CEO, Enhansen Performance

10:30amMorning refreshments & networking break
10:45amEXPO FLOOR – Stay safe: Live self-defence demonstration
Learn tips and tricks from a Grand Master in Yi Quan Kung Fu.

  • How to recognise a real threat
  • Discuss the stages – anger, aggressive behaviour, aggression, assault
  • The power of body language and words
  • Distance targets and strikes – keep it simple and fast; know what’s worth fighting for
  • Fear is their tool – how to normalise it and use it

Chris Futcher-Coles – White Ribbon Ambassador, STAY SAFE Personal Safety Australia Sydney Self Defence Centre

11:15amWORKSHOP 11 – Are you a (management) accident waiting to happen?!

We’ve all heard of the term ‘accidental manager’, but not surprisingly few of us actually think it applies to us! The question is, does it? In this session, David Pich will introduce the antidote to the accidental manager – the Intentional Leader (IL). He will challenge you to consider which one you are – accidental manager or intentional leader! Crucially, he will describe the key elements that lie at the heart of intentional leadership. The Institute of Managers and Leaders calls these the six layers of intentional leadership. Finally, using a simple interactive app, you will find out your own IL score. Are you brave enough to want to know?

David Pich – Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Managers and Leaders

11:45amWORKSHOP 12 – How the use of Video Interviewing (VI) as a pre-screening tool is transforming the way organisations recruit

The advent of digital video interviewing as a pre-screening tool is transforming the way organisations showcase their brand to their potential new employees, improve the efficiency of the recruitment process and make better quality hiring decisions on talent. The five key takeaways you’ll get from attending this session include:

  • The VI landscape in Australia
  • The candidate experience
  • When you know your organisation is ready to implement VI
  • How to get the best results when using VI
  • How to select the right VI provider for your organisation

Jane Bianchini – Founder and CEO, Alcami Interactive

12:15pmWORKSHOP 13 – How to drive cultural change in your workplace

As HR professionals, you play a critical role in implementing change initiatives in your organisation. This session will provide practical strategies for leading, driving, implementing and measuring change.

  • Strategies for convincing change-resistant employees to get onboard
  • Common mistakes that HR teams make in change management strategies
  • How to change employee behaviour at an organisational and team level

Rael Bricker – Director, Give your business the EDGE / raelbricker.com

12:30pmEXPO FLOOR – Nail technicians onsite for mini manicures.
Professional nail technicians will be onsite to give you an express manicure.
12:45pmNetworking Lunch
1:00pmEXPO FLOOR – Optimal nutrition for performance

Low fat, low carb, paleo, vegan.. Are you confused about what to eat?

No matter what your health and fitness goals, the basis of all good nutrition starts with eating for optimal performance. What you put into your body will either enhance or destroy your concentration, mood, energy and overall performance.

In this session Teresa will give practical, up-to-date tips on what optimal nutrition looks like on your plate, how to implement these recommendations, and tips for staying on track when life is stressful and busy.

If you are looking to make positive changes to your health and performance this session is a must.

Teresa Boyce – Nutritionist, The Health Whisper

 2:00pmWORKSHOP 14  – Transition to leading the HR team
Transitioning from HR business partner to HR leader can be a daunting prospect, but this workshop equips you with practical skills to thrive. Did you know the first 90 days in a new role is critical? We show you how to focus in these 90 days to:

  • Creating a constructive HR team culture
  • Quickly build personal credibility as the HR leader
  • Influence your colleagues in the leadership team

Mandy Holloway – Co-Founder, Courageous Leaders