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Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

9:20 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Sonya Law

Founder, SL Human Resources Consulting

9:30 am

Workshop 1: 7 Steps to Nail a Courageous Conversation with your Boss

The only way to create effective and sustainable organisational change is to have one courageous conversation at a time. So, what stops us? This session will discuss how to execute difficult conversations to effectively deliver change. You will learn how to:

  • Overcome feelings of un-ease including anxiety or frustration
  • Resolve dysfunctional matters without having a confrontational conversation
  • Lead all courageous conversations with ease & grace

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

Founder and CEO, Katie-Jeyn Romeyn International

10:00 am

Workshop 2: Gaining a competitive edge: How to hire talent in top global hubs

Remote work is here to stay. For executives or leaders building and managing remote teams going forward, a question comes to mind: Why not hire the best talent, anywhere in the world you can find it? This session will cover:

  • Where to discover top talent at the appropriate cost  
  • How to build a talent hub outside your region  
  • What talent acquisition opportunities do different countries offer

Tom Jepson

Sales Executive, Globalization Partners

10:30 am

Morning tea

LinkedIn Professional Photo 
Professional photographer Simon Kerslake will be onsite to take your corporate headshot for use on your LinkedIn profile.

Simon Kerslake


11:00 am

Workshop 3: Don’t source it, grow it – Reskill and future-proof your organisation

It's a jungle out there! The Great Resignation has left businesses and HR professionals high and dry for top talent, but as we enter another year of uncertainty, it is time to rethink our approach for sourcing talent. What if we stopped searching for talent in the weeds outside, and cultivated our own garden of internal capabilities instead? In this workshop, intelliHR will share a practical introduction on connecting your current capabilities with future requirements, all whilst maximising organisational value in-between. 

  • Shift your approach from filling a role to fueling capabilities 
  • Analyse your workforce and identify internal skill gaps 
  • Reskill and future-proof your people efficiently 
  • Increase employee engagement and retention through upskilling opportunities

Lauren Scholtz

Learning and Development Manager, intelliHR 

11:30 am

Workshop 4: Digital Transformation – Keys to success

Digital transformation is a top priority for many organisations, fuelled by the increase of remote working and increased market pressure for efficiency. This session will cover: 

  • How to select the right processes to digitise 
  • How to structure the project roll out to ensure success 
  • How to manage workforce expectations for maximum buy-in

Karlie Cremin

Managing Director, ThriveBYB

12:00 pm

Workshop 5: Authentic networking and negotiation

Whether you are negotiating or networking, the skills to make every interaction count are the same: excellent communication skills. When you can observe and assess the motivations and objectives of those you are negotiating with, you can collaborate authentically, build robust networks and retain dynamic staff. This session will help you build awareness to the opportunities around you through active listening and watching. 

  • How to observe and assess the motivations and objectives of peers during negotiation  
  • Everyday communication skills to develop and apply active listening and active watching  
  • Tips on networking to build collaboration within teams 

Jo Turner

Communications Tutor, NIDA Corporate

12:30 pm

Workshop 6: How to Build a Future-Proof Recognition Program to Motivate and Drive Performance

With 87% of employees saying their current recognition program is ‘stale, outdated, or used as disguised compensation,’ it’s clear that something must change in how we recognise our people. But what about the 13% of companies who are doing it right? Learn from bestselling author and global HR influencer Debra Corey as she shares tips for thinking outside the box (and inside the Recognition Pyramid) from her newest book, ‘Appreciate It: The Playbook for Employee Recognition.’

  • How recognition has evolved to become an increasingly critical factor in building a standout Employee Value Proposition.
  • Tips to help you build or rebuild a recognition program based on the best practice recognition pyramid model to support your cultural and strategic goals
  • Real-life examples of how global innovators are recognising their people in their own unique and effective ways as written about in Debra’s new book “Appreciate it! A playbook for employee recognition

Debra Corey

Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Chief Pay it Forward Officer, Reward Gateway

1:00 pm
2:10 pm

Workshop 7: Redesigning your Employee Experience Strategy

The new world of work has forever changed the way companies hire, retain and engage talent -- and improving the employee experience has become a strategic priority. It’s every touchpoint across your people’s tenure with your organisation—from hire to retire. In this session, we will discuss some of the core fundamentals of an effective employee experience strategy.

  • Improving your onboarding process
  • Creating a culture of belonging in a hybrid work environment
  • The role of modern HR technology in enhancing your company culture

Damien Andreasen

Country Manager, ANZ, HiBob

Donna White

Growth & Ventures Director, DIJGTAL

2:40 pm

Workshop 8: The Reinvention of Company Culture

For companies to attract, retain, and grow the talent that will bring them sustained success, they need to fine-tune their culture to meet the expectations of professionals to be seen as human beings first. During this session, we will share insights from leading talent professionals and reviewed proprietary LinkedIn data to address the following:

  • How a caring culture has become the pivotal asset for companies worldwide
  • How rethinking when and where we work is building more equitable cultures
  • Why wellbeing is essential to nurture a healthy culture that is built on care and compassion

David Bellas

Director, LinkedIn Talent Solutions Australia & New Zealand, LinkedIn

3:10 pm
3:45 pm

Workshop 9: The Productivity Ninja’s Guide to Hybrid Working

This session will share 5 skills to develop a Productivity Ninja for a hybrid working environment:

  • Learn why attention management matters now, more than ever 
  • Find the right balance between focus and collaboration, avoiding disconnection and over-connection 
  • New rules of engagement for how we communicate and collaborate 
  • Mindset shifts to help make great work happen, individually or collectively, wherever we are 
  • Wellbeing and sustainability –beyond crisis mode and into a new work-life rhythm

Matt Cowdroy

Productivity Ninja

9:10 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Sonya Law

Founder, SL Human Resources Consulting

9:15 am

Workshop 10: The Leader as Coach – Towards Creating a Positive Performance Culture

Empowering employees can create teams that are more inspired and motivated to bring their best selves to work. This session will discuss how leaders can make a lasting impact on performance culture.

Ban Weston

Managing Director, WM Consulting

9:45 am

Workshop 11: Ahead of the curve: Strategic workforce planning for a future workforce

A key characteristic to a well-run organisation is a strong workforce.

In constantly changing modern workplaces, both quantity and quality of employees are equally important in terms of skills, knowledge and experience.

Strategic workforce planning is essential to manage costs, address potential gaps and avoid disruptions to ensure an organisation's long-term success.

Join Dave as he shares insights on how to initiate an effective strategic workforce planning programme to ensure you have the workforce you need to deliver your business strategies.

  • Highlighting some of the myths about strategic workforce planning
  • Outlining best practices to address potential challenges and avoid pitfalls
  • Explaining how Faethm's six step approach to strategic workforce planning uses robust modelling and data and is helping organisations plan effectively

Dave Burrows

Director of Strategic Workforce Planning, Faethm by Pearson

10:15 am

Workshop 12: The Return of the Coaching Investment

Understand why your existing learning and development spend may not be meeting today's expectations and why now is the right time for coaching to make its return. In this session you will learn:

  • How investing in your people can increase the bottom line
  • Why a “healthy organisation” status is a major focus
  • About the explosive growth of digital coaching

Tim MacCartney

Senior Vice President, APAC, CoachHub

10:45 am

Morning tea

LinkedIn Professional Photo 
Professional photographer Simon Kerslake will be onsite to take your corporate headshot for use on your LinkedIn profile.

Simon Kerslake


11:15 am

Workshop 13: Infectious Optimism: Your HR Superpower of the 2020s

In this highly interactive workshop, Victor will share the case for optimism in work life, home life and romance. Victor will share the science behind realistic optimism underpinning 2020s leadership, strategy, innovation, resilience and wellbeing. This session will discuss how you can be a more infectiously optimistic leader yourself and run a similar workshop back at your workplace. The underpinning value? The leader looks like the person in your mirror. Join Victor for a session guaranteed to leave you laughing, singing, or both.

Victor Perton

Chief Optimism Officer, The Centre for Optimism and Director, Project Optimism

11:45 am

Workshop 14: Taking a systems approach to resilience

Resilience is often criticised for focusing on an individual’s ability to cope with increasing work demands without considering the broader environment, and rightly so. In this session we explore equipping employees to effectively handle the everyday stress of work and learn from setbacks while preparing for future challenges proactively within an enabling and sustainable workplace environment.

  • The limits of self-care for resilience building 
  • Connecting performance and wellbeing 
  • Applying a systems approach to resilience 
  • Aligning individual, team and leader behaviours to improve individual and organisational resilience. 

Donna Thistlethwaite

Chief Wellth Creator, Mentally Wellthy

12:15 pm

Workshop 15: Quick and easy meals and snacks

Always on the run or trying to balance a corporate job with a busy family and life? This one is for you! Healthy balanced meals and snacks are crucial in providing a steady stream of energy to the brain to keep you switched on, productive and focussed throughout the workday.

This session will focus on our top tips, meal and snack ideas, best product choices and some behavioural wins to make sure you don’t go hungry (or hangry)

Tatiana Bedikian

Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Body Fusion

1:00 pm
2:15 pm

Workshop 16: Sleep management techniques for stressed busy professionals

A recent study by the Sleep Foundation found that lack of sleep has become a "worldwide epidemic" costing developed nations, including Australia, billions of dollars in lost productivity, accidents on roads and in the workplace. 

Research has found that between 33 and 45 percent of Aussies have poor sleep patterns that lead to fatigue and irritability that's putting them at risk of low productivity, damage to their mental health and unsafe behaviours. 

Tackling it will lower your company’s health care costs, boost productivity and increase profits. 

This session will cover: 

  • The importance of getting a good night’s sleep 
  • How sleep can improve your mood 
  • How to use technology mindfully before bed 
  • Techniques to help your employees get a good night’s sleep 

Alison Hutchens

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator

2:45 pm

Workshop 17: 10 tips to keep your mind sharp & stay healthy – post Covid 

In this session, Dr. Kevin Cheng will discuss strategies for improving your cognitive health, mental well being & physical conditioning, and reducing the risk of preventable health symptoms, burnout, poor sleep and low energy. Q&A with a preventative health GP.

Dr Kevin Cheng

GP / Founder, Osana

3:45 pm

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4:00 pm
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