Susan Pettifer

Director - People, Performance and Technology, City of Sydney

Susan is an experienced senior executive with skills in strategic development, organisational development, and reform. She has been a member of senior leadership teams in agencies in the state public sector and local government sectors and has led complex and varied functions throughout periods of growth and significant change.

As part of the Executive team at the City of Sydney, Susan is responsible for leading the people, customer, service development and information technology functions. Prior to the City of Sydney, Susan worked in executive leadership and professional roles in health and community organisations, and has a strong interest in creating fair and connected communities and organisations.

Susan has post graduate qualifications in science and management. In 2015  she co-authored a book – New Women, New Men, New Economy – on how Creativity, Diversity, Openness and Equity helps organisations thrive in the new economy. Under her leadership the City was awarded the 2019 HR Award for Best Workplace Diversity and Inclusion program.