Samara Dobbins

Chief People Officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet NSW

Samara Dobbins has over 12 years’ experience in leadership roles in Commonwealth and NSW Government.
Currently Chief People Officer at the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and responsible for all the corporate and ministerial functions, Ms Dobbins has worked extensively as a people leader and in senior executive roles including as the Director of People & Culture and then the Director Governance & Cluster at DPC. Ms Dobbins previously worked at the NSW Information and Privacy Commission (where she also acted as CEO and Information Commissioner), the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, the NSW Public Service Commission and the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Ms Dobbins’ experience extends to managing corporate services including finance, ICT and human resources, audit and governance, the development of a contemporary licensing scheme for liquor and gaming in NSW, leading the implementation of the inaugural NSW Public Service Commission and drafting and delivering the ethical framework and values for the NSW Public Sector.

As a people leader Ms Dobbins has expertise in managing large and small teams of high-performing staff to deliver outcomes-focused strategic goals, change management and organisational effectiveness.