Nicole Downs

Nicole Downs

Group Director of People and Performance, Ovolo Group

Nicole Downs Group Director of People & Performance, Australia, Hong Kong and Indonesia- AKA Fabulous, Unconventional and Never Boring.

Recently commended by at the HM Awards (HM (Hotel & Accommodation Excellence) for Human Resources Associate, Australasia, Nicole has spent most her professional life in the vibrant Hospitality industry.

Across those years her experience spans a diverse portfolio of hotels in multiple countries and she has been responsible for managing a wide range of complex projects with the focus on new hotel openings, training & Development, communication, engagement, and transitions. Past companies have included Accor Hotels, Mirvac Hotels, Hyatt, Hilton, Verser/Macquarie Bank and now Ovolo Hotels.

The Coolest part of her job? Is the people.

Ovolo’s Vision is to create Shiny, Happy, People – why? because we know that if we manage to make everyone feel positively about our brand, we will grow brand advocates, and this includes our people. We know that if our people love our brand, their positive energy and love for what they do every day will be felt by our guests. It is a basic formula, but it’s a formula that works. The people is the most valuable asset to a company. We must ensure we look after their development, career, engagement and professional lives when they are within our care at Ovolo.