Joshua Goodrick

Former Director - Talent Management and Organisational Development, RMIT University

He has significant global OD and HR management experience, gained across a diverse range of sectors including retail, FMCG, professional services, biomedical and banking/finance.

During his eight year tenure at RMIT, Joshua has overseen operations and strategic planning within Human resources, including the development of a 5 year roadmap to enhance leadership architecture & performance, agile organisational design practices & implementation of workforce transformation solutions.

Joshua is also the Program Director of one of the University’s five enterprise strategic focuses for 2019 – ‘People Area of Focus’. This focus area aims to create an adaptable, flexible and effective organisation that attracts and retains staff who are talented, motivated and set up for success.

Joshua is recognised for his design and facilitation of collaborative workshops, along with his reputation to foster relationships, develop business strategies and lead new business models.