Workshop 14: Taking a systems approach to resilience - National HR Summit

Workshop 14: Taking a systems approach to resilience

Mar 24, 2022

11:45 am

Resilience is often criticised for focusing on an individual’s ability to cope with increasing work demands without considering the broader environment, and rightly so. In this session we explore equipping employees to effectively handle the everyday stress of work and learn from setbacks while preparing for future challenges proactively within an enabling and sustainable workplace environment.

  • The limits of self-care for resilience building 
  • Connecting performance and wellbeing 
  • Applying a systems approach to resilience 
  • Aligning individual, team and leader behaviours to improve individual and organisational resilience. 
  • Donna Thistlethwaite
    Donna Thistlethwaite

    Chief Wellth Creator

    Mentally Wellthy

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