PANEL: Performance management for a hybrid workforce - National HR Summit

PANEL: Performance management for a hybrid workforce

Mar 23, 2022

3:40 pm

Performance management has become even more complex, as we embrace new ways of working. How are we changing the way we monitor and manage performance to reflect the current work environment and capitalise workforce capability? This session will discuss progressive performance management practices. 

  • Understanding how emerging trends affect performance such as burnout and fatigue 
  • Leveraging data to monitor and analyse performance 
  • Building a culture of performance and accountability
  • Aligning personal objectives with the overall organisational strategy 
  • Anneli Blundell
    Anneli Blundell


  • Liam Ovenden
    Liam Ovenden

    Regional Director, People & Performance | Asia Pacific


  • Maree Slater
    Maree Slater

    Director, People and Performance

    NSW Health Infrastructure

  • Alex Hattingh
    Alex Hattingh

    Chief People Officer

    Employment Hero

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