PANEL: Leveraging data for workforce planning - National HR Summit

PANEL: Leveraging data for workforce planning

Mar 24, 2022

11:45 am

We are seeing a significant shift in developing a workforce for the future and HR data can provide useful insights to help with informed decision-making. How can we use data to understand workforce capability? What are some of the trends outlining the skills and talent required to support the business? This session will examine the ways we can effectively use data to determine future workforce needs. 

  • Identifying metrics that provide insight into preferred work arrangements 
  • Understanding how disruption affects employee engagement and performance 
  • Comparing data before and after the height of the pandemic 
  • Recognising the limits of HR data when making final decisions 
  • Anneli Blundell
    Anneli Blundell


  • Pip Lyons
    Pip Lyons

    Senior People Scientist

    Culture Amp

  • George Bartrum
    George Bartrum

    People Development and Analytics Director


  • Shahram Karimi
    Shahram Karimi

    HR Data Manager, People Analytics


  • Kirsten Edwards
    Kirsten Edwards

    HR Lead, Advanced Analytics and Data Science

    Rio Tinto

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