PANEL: Communicating your post-COVID culture  – National HR Summit

PANEL: Communicating your post-COVID culture 

Aug 12, 2020

9:20 am

What culture do you want to create and cultivate to ensure your long-term survival? This panel will discuss internal communications strategies to build resilience, flexibility and agility as we move through the recovery phase and beyond.  

  • What role should the CEO and executive team play in ongoing internal communications?  
  • Communicating rapid change to your workforce  
  • Providing clear direction during uncertain and unpredictable times   
  • How to help your workforce to thrive in the new normal  
  • How to engage middle managers in your transformation programs  
  • Jon Williams


    Fifth Frame

  • Vanessa Hicks

    HR Director


  • Mary Lemonis

    Chief People Officer

    REA Group

  • Katie McGrath

    Chief People and Culture Officer

    Seven West Media

  • Kelly Parmenter

    HR Director


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