Optimism in HR: More Than a Sugar Hit - National HR Summit

Optimism in HR: More Than a Sugar Hit

Mar 24, 2022

10:00 am

You’d think it was self-evident that positive businesses led by infectiously optimistic leaders do better. However, many Australians including government, business and NGOs operate in a zeitgeist of pessimism, an atmosphere of “What’s Wrong?” rather than “What’s Right?”. It’s a worldwide phenomenon.  A “lack of optimism could create a vicious cycle of disillusionment and social unrest.” A quote from Victor Perton, radical optimist? No, it’s from one of the most influential global business organisations, The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2022, prepared by world leaders in risk. How is a lack of optimism affecting Australian workplaces? In this session, Victor will share:

  • The science of optimism to empower you to make the case and be more persuasively and infectiously optimistic yourself
  • The business basis for optimism in leadership, strategy, innovation and resilience
  • Four very practical habits of an optimist, one of which you and your HR team could apply from today to improve culture
  • The question you should ask and advertise for in recruitment
  • Victor Perton
    Victor Perton

    Chief Optimism Officer, The Centre for Optimism and Director

    Project Optimism

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