HR Expo and Workshop Schedule – National HR Summit

HR Expo and Workshop Schedule


9:20 am

Introduction from the Chairperson

Nadia Taylor

Executive Director Client Strategy & Experience, Mapien Workplace Strategists

9:30 am

Workshop 1: Accelerate your in career 12 months or less

Hear how executives and ambitious leaders can accelerate their careers and secure dream roles. Whether executives feel stuck right now or if they are achieving but want the edge to go to the next level, this session will help executives to accelerate forward to the next exciting phase of growth.

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

Director, Katie-Jeyn Romeyn International

10:00 am

Workshop 2: Changing the game in employment screening

  • How Australia Post has become one of Australia’s most experienced providers of complex identity and employment screening services;
  • How we’re changing the game to make the employment screening process more streamlined and better than ever for both candidates and employers;
  • What our technology means for the future of employment screening and digital identity.

Robert Petrovic

Head of Product – Identity Growth Markets, Australia Post

10:30 am

Expo floor: Courageous conversations (30 minutes)

This session will look at the speakers research and practical experience, that has led her to develop a strategy for managing courageous conversations.  During the presentation Nicole will share her Courageous Conversation MAP (c) - a 3 pronged strategy for engaging in difficult conversations with employees.

Nicole Plotkin

Principal Psychologist, Emotional Health Centre

10:30 am

Expo floor: Nail technicians onsite for mini manicures (3.5 hours)

Professional nail technicians will be onsite to give you an express manicure.

10:30 am

Expo floor: LinkedIn professional photo (30 minutes)

Professional photographer Peter Secheny will be onsite to take your corporate headshot for use on your LinkedIn profile.

11:00 am

Workshop 3: Aligning culture from the inside out

As the Australian business landscape advances further into an AI world, technological and social shifts continue to transform the workforce. Employees want more from their organisation as they seek to align their own intrinsic values to the workplace culture, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and flexibility. So how can employers align their values to that of their increasingly diverse employee base?

Join Vidia Henshaw, Head of Organisational Development at Rest Superannuation to learn about Rest’s cultural transformation journey, including insights into how Rest has curated its culture philosophy from the inside out, with a focus on long term employee outcomes whilst driving the immediate strategic priorities of the organisation.

Vidia Henshaw

Head of Organisational Development, Rest Super

11:30 am

Workshop 4: How to build and sustain a successful employee recognition program

HR leaders and company executives are well aware of the benefits of employee recognition: stronger employee engagement, retention, and productivity to name a few. Research suggests that most organisations have some form of recognition, yet 1 in 3 employees report they don’t feel recognised.

In this session, Emma Harvie will share best practice strategies to delivering employee recognition within your organisation:

  • Understanding why high frequency is key to your employee recognition program’s success
  • Leveraging social recognition to create meaningful relationships
  • Re-thinking recognition to truly move the dial on engagement and culture

Emma Harvie

Manager of Client Services, Achievers

12:00 pm

Workshop 5: The art of designing an experience-driven onboarding journey

Say goodbye to process-driven onboarding. Reshape your onboarding experiences, build lasting relationships and drive engagement by attending this workshop. You will learn:

  • What is experience-driven onboarding?
  • How to improve your employee onboarding experiences and new hire retention
  • Building your brand and culture through experience-driven onboarding

Nellie Jones

APAC Field Marketing Manager, Enboarder

12:30 pm

Workshop 6: Redefining ‘Duty of Care’ – the future of employee safety and wellbeing

We live in a world at pace. The modern worker can see, do and accomplish more, faster than ever before. But they also expose themselves to more uncertainty and pressure. New places and unfamiliar situations pose psychological and physical risk. Risk that becomes harm if employers don’t respond quickly enough. In this workshop, we will discuss:

  • Redefining the concept of ‘duty of care’
  • Navigating the changing safety and wellbeing requirements of employees
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology and 24/7 human support capabilities

David Watson

Head of Enterprise, Sonder

1:00 pm

Expo floor: Styling for your best corporate look (60 minutes)

Kash O’hara will discuss the following during her presentation:

  • Body shapes- identifying your shape, dressing for your shape, the best styles for your shape and celebrities with this shape you can look to for inspiration
  • Colours- am I a warm or cool colour? What colours suit me? What colours should I be wearing to bring out my best features?
  • Corporate Style

Kash O’Hara

Head Stylist, The Style Doctor

1:00 pm

Expo floor: LinkedIn professional photo (1 hour 10 minutes)

Professional photographer Peter Secheny will be onsite to take your corporate headshot for use on your LinkedIn profile.

2:10 pm

Workshop 7: From talent management to people success

In this session, discover Glint’s approach to ‘People Success’ – an exciting new approach that brings new innovative elements together, enabling you to allow people to be genuinely happy and successful at work – in a way that’s holistic, efficient and closely tied to tangible business outcomes. Highlights of this session are:

  • Learn why business success depends on an engaged, passionate, loyal and skilled workforce
  • Understand which key initiatives and processes deliver maximum potential
  • Find out how learning is supporting engagement
  • Discover how ‘performance management’ can support great performance every day

Ed Hurst

Principal People Science Consultant, Glint

2:40 pm

Workshop 8: Transforming mindsets, behaviours and culture to achieve business results

The mindset of leader can have a huge impact on their performance and effectiveness. This workshop will draw on 13 years of research to share insight into several different types of leadership mindsets, with a focus on the power of a positive leadership mindset.

  • Unlock the leader’s ability to be self-aware of the mindsets that hold them back
  • Co-create and embed pivotal mindset shifts at an individual, team and culture level
  • Enable better change readiness and resilience to lead these new mindsets
  • Accelerate the ability for every person to adopt the necessary mindsets to align and execute on strategy

Stephanie Peskett

Vice President and Head of Leadership & Coach Practices in Most of the World Region, BTS

3:10 pm

Expo floor: Sleep management techniques for stressed busy professionals (35 minutes)

A recent study by the Sleep Foundation found that lack of sleep has become a "worldwide epidemic" costing developed nations, including Australia, billions of dollars in lost productivity, accidents on roads and in the workplace. Research has found that between 33 and 45 percent of Aussies have poor sleep patterns that lead to fatigue and irritability that's putting them at risk of low productivity, damage to their mental health and unsafe behaviours. Tackling it will lower your company’s health care costs, boost productivity and increase profits.

This session will cover:

  • The importance of getting a good night’s sleep
  • How sleep can improve your mood
  • How to use technology mindfully before bed
  • Techniques to help your employees get a good night’s sleep

Alison Hutchens

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator,

3:45 pm

Workshop 9

Session details tbc

9:10 am

Welcome from the Chairperson

Nadia Taylor

Executive Director Client Strategy & Experience, Mapien Workplace Strategists

9:15 am

Workshop 10: Teams people want to play with: Effective team building strategies

Midja is an accredited Belbin Team facilitator and uses the Belbin profiling tool in this workshop to identify team members contributions, develop strategies on how to play to their strengths and ensure more effective communication and interaction amongst team members. Midja works with organisations to identify and leverage their culture and values by creating a culture plan to ensure alignment with business strategy.

Midja Fisher

Leadership Expert, Lawyer, Speaker, Mentor, Corporate Facilitator,

9:45 am

Workshop 11

Session details tbc

10:15 am

Workshop 12: Has automation sacrificed the candidate experience?

Most companies have the same aim.  To create a truly differentiated recruitment model with a consumer experience centred design that aligns technology to each component of the talent life cycle.  Poor candidate experiences can negatively impact an employer’s ability to hire talent. In this workshop, Guy and David will weigh in on what the value of automation can bring to the candidate journey without harming your employer brand.

  • Outlining the tools used to automate great candidate experiences
  • How to enhance your employer brand through automation
  • Showcasing client strategies: Fitness First and Lendlease

Guy Bryant-Fenn

Managing Director, Springboard

David Parker

Head of Technology, Springboard

10:45 am

Expo floor: How to be a productivity ninja (45 minutes)

This session will be share 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja and attendees will learn strategies and tools to:

  • reduce stress,
  • manage overwhelm,
  • increase  productivity,
  • manage emails,
  • plan better,
  • love your work and your life

Matt Cowdroy

Facilitator, Speaker and Coach, Think Productive Australia

10:45 am

Expo Floor: Nail technicians onsite for mini manicures (3.5 hours)

Professional nail technicians will be onsite to give you an express manicure.

11:30 am

Workshop 13: The status game – how to be a better negotiator

What is status, how does it play out in a professional environment and how can we position ourselves to be successful in negotiations? In this workshop, NIDA Corporate Tutor Jo Turner will take you through a series of practical exercises to highlight how awareness of status can help achieve your desired outcome.

  • Greater awareness of your authentic negotiation style
  • Practical techniques to enhance communication skills
  • Techniques to plan effectively for high-stakes negotiations

Jo Turner

Actor, Director and Teacher, National Institute of Dramatic Art

12:15 pm

Workshop 14: Obstacles to Opportunities: How HR changemakers drive engagement and cultural change

Let’s challenge a theory: that constraints limit what we can achieve.

Everyday, companies around the world evolve and grow despite encountering the same challenges and constraints as their competitors. What are they doing differently? How do changemakers succeed in overcoming obstacles and creating a positive company culture that drives innovation and business results?

Join Kylie’s talk as she explores these questions and uncovers:

  • What is the employee engagement quadrant and how it can be used to help you impact your organisation’s culture
  • A step-by-step strategy for initiating and cultivating transformation by identifying opportunities and solutions for common constraints associated with culture change
  • How to leverage data and technology trends seen across 2,000 businesses to enable, empower and engage employees
  • Examples of Australian HR changemakers that have conquered limitations into advantages to create long-lasting, impactful change in different industries, including the finance, not-for-profit, retail and technology sectors.

Kylie Green

Global SVP of Consultancy, Reward Gateway

1:00 pm

Expo floor: Quick and easy meals and Healthy snacking & sustaining energy cognition – 2x sessions (60 minutes)

Quick and easy meals
Always on the run or trying to balance a corporate job with a busy family and life? This one is for you! Meals which provide nutritious and tasty options are an art. 

This session will focus on top tips and the best product choices to help you sustain your concentration at work and a healthy lifestyle balance. 

Healthy snacking & sustaining energy cognition

Healthy snacking is crucial in providing a steady stream of energy to the brain to keep you switched on, productive and focussed throughout the work day.

This session will share favourite snacks, yummy home recipes plus some behavioural wins to make sure you don’t go hungry (or hangry!).

Aimee Boidin

Accredited Practising Dietitian,

2:15 pm

Workshop 15: How to build strong internal cultures aligned to corporate strategy

There can be no doubt that since The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry the role of boards and directors in shaping and monitoring organisational culture and behaviours is under tremendous scrutiny. Whilst 66% of organisations indicated their focus on culture and people has increased, only 19% of respondents have a high degree of confidence that new initiatives will improve culture. In the face of heightened scrutiny, learn new tools, tips and insights to support organisations to positively impact the way organisations monitor and impact culture.

Bruce McCowan

Partner Performance, deliberatepractice

2:45 pm

Workshop 16: Post-parental leave transition support: What proactive HR Managers need to know for a smoother return to workforce

Two in five Australian employees are parents, however many businesses still struggle to:

  • Retain working parent talent (particularly female talent post-parental leave)
  • Increase productivity of working parents in the first six months back at work
  • Recognise and nurture the full potential working parents have to offer

Nikki Cox

Post-Parental Leave Transition Coach,

3:45 pm


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