Workshop 2020 Agenda – National HR Summit

Workshop 2020 Agenda


Workshop - Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

10:45 am

Workshop 1: Aligning your culture from the inside-out (Held at REST Booth)

As the Australian business landscape advances further into a post-COVID environment, technological and social shifts continue to transform the workforce. Employees want more from their organisation as they seek to align their intrinsic values to the workplace culture, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and flexibility. In this session, Vidia Henshaw, Head of Organisational Development, will discuss how employers can align their values to that of their increasingly diverse workforce. 

  • How Rest built its culture philosophy to thrive during COVID-19 
  • How to move towards “Future Ways of Working” 
  • Remaining resilient through times of uncertainty   
  • Leading and coaching managers to succeed in a remote environment  
  • Redefining the concept of reward, recognition and benefits to employees to succeed in a virtual workplace 

Vidia Henshaw

Head of Organisational Development, Rest

11:15 am

Workshop 2: Training in times of challenge and change (Held at Litmos Booth)

Organisations are currently in the midst of a truly unprecedented time of challenge and change. With so many constant uncertainties and changes across Australia, HR professionals have been left with an enormous task of implementing strategies to support their employees. Many HR leaders are currently focusing on safely returning their employees back to work, while others are looking at ways to support their new remote staff for longer.

In this workshop, Phillip Tutty and Claire Lavin from SAP Litmos will discuss how to create and roll out online training to support your employees during this time of challenge and change.

  • How to support employees working from home with online training and resources
  • How to engage learners so that they feel supported during times of change
  • What training and learning resources your employees need when it’s time to go back to work
  • How to deliver training that focuses on employee well-being, productivity and health

Philip Tutty

Head of SAP Litmos Training Content, SAP Litmos

Claire Lavin

Product Manager, SAP Litmos

11:45 am

Workshop 3: Learning from Covid-19: Employee engagement for the new world (Held at GLINT Booth)

Glint partners with many of the world’s most high-profile organisations to create working environments in which people are happier and more successful by drawing on feedback and discussions flowing from engagement surveys, onboarding, exit, 360s and performance solutions. At this vital time, we have gathered millions of data points, pinpointing what people are experiencing in a “Covid world”, what they need to be successful and how they are viewing the future, as we emerge from the pandemic. In this session, Ed will explore some of the insights and address what, for many of us, is the key question: how will we be happier and more successful in the radically different, new normal at work? 

Ed Hurst

Principal People Science Consultant, Glint

12:15 pm

Workshop 4: Strategic HR business partnering through Covid-19 and beyond (Held at HRD booth)

We’ve seen a significant shift in how we view productivity and engagement over the recent months. What will it take for your teams to succeed in the ‘new normal’?

  • Defining what the ‘new normal’ means for your organisation
  • What are the key drivers to increase productivity and engagement?
  • Identifying what we need from people to achieve outcomes

Karen Gately

Founder, Corporate Dojo

12:45 pm
1:35 pm

Workshop 5: Accelerate your career in 12 months or less (Held at HRD Booth)

Hear how executives and ambitious leaders can accelerate their careers and secure dream roles. Whether executives feel stuck right now or if they are achieving but want the edge to go to the next level, this session will help executives to accelerate forward to the next exciting phase of growth.

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

Director, Coach on Collins

2:05 pm

Workshop 6: How to build strong internal cultures aligned to corporate strategy (Held at HRD Booth)

There can be no doubt that since The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry the role of boards and directors in shaping and monitoring organisational culture and behaviours is under tremendous scrutiny. Our research found that whilst 66% of organisations indicated their focus on culture and people has increased, only 19% of respondents have a high degree of confidence that new initiatives will improve culture. In the face of heightened scrutiny, learn new tools, tips and insights to support organisations to positively impact the way organisations monitor and impact culture. 

Bruce McCowan

Partner Performance, deliberatepractice

2:35 pm
10:00 am

Workshop 7: How to simplify your skills framework (Held at Cornerstone Booth)

Your organisation’s skills framework for hiring, learning and development is critical to your success. But building a skills framework is difficult, time-consuming, and often out of date the moment it’s completed. So what if there was a better way?

In this session, we’ll show how Cornerstone’s AI-based career platform leverages bias-free algorithms and machine learning to make sense of complex, incomplete and unstructured career data, and detects skills and wishes in order to deliver tailor-made recommendations.

Katie Mangravati

Manager - Solution Consulting, Cornerstone

11:00 am

Workshop 8: Bouncing back: How to create and sustain momentum by cultivating a culture of growth (Held at Reward Gateway Booth)

Over the last few months, HR leaders have been at the forefront of their organisation’s employee response and support efforts. As we enter the next phase, how can HR leaders refuel company culture, do more with less, and accelerate recovery and business growth with a forward-thinking, people-first approach? This session will address key HR leader challenges, including how to: 

  • Identify and focus on sustainable employee engagement opportunities that will reinvigorate productivity 
  • Celebrate contribution and cultivate trust and connection through authentic employee communication 
  • Overcome budget constraints and support employees financially with creative and high-impact strategies 
  • Provide purpose and inspiration to boost employee wellbeing, safety and morale 
  • Improve efficiencies and enhance the employee experience with streamlined technology 

Joy Adan

Content Journalist, Reward Gateway

11:30 am

Workshop 9 – Improving your high performance employee experience to build resilience (Held at Willis Towers Watson Booth)

It’s widely acknowledged that companies with more effective employee experience (EX) outperform their peers for top-line growth, bottom-line profitability and return to shareholders. However, the massive changes and disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted the employee experience in many organisations. Join Lesley Brown as she discusses how employers bracing for the new normal can adapt the high-performance employee experience (HPEX) model to support and connect with employees as they restore stability in their business operations.

  • Key findings from recent Willis Towers Watson research on employer and employee experiences during the pandemic
  • How to leverage leadership, listening and communication to deliver a high performing employee experience within the current environment?

Lesley Brown

Employee Insights, Regional Practice Leader – Asia Australasia, Willis Towers Watson

12:00 pm

Workshop 10: Living in a new frame: How to engage your virtual audience (Held at NIDA Booth)

Over the past few months, everyone has shifted from face-to-face interactions to entirely virtual conversations. How do you build trust pitching to new clients or communicating with your team remotely? Tap into your onscreen personal presence with practical tools and techniques to engage your audience. Learn how an actors’ practice can deepen your awareness, change the way you engage with the world and strengthen your connection with others online. In this session, expert NIDA corporate tutor, Jo Turner, will take you on a 45-minute journey exploring the pleasure and the potential of your vocal and physical presence in our digital world.    

  • How to enhance physical and vocal confidence   
  • Practical techniques to enhance screen communication skills   
  • Increase awareness of communication dynamics online  

Jo Turner

Actor, Director and Teacher, National Institute of Dramatic Art

12:45 pm
1:35 pm

Workshop 11: Teams people want to play with: Effective team building strategies (Held at HRD Booth)

Midja is an accredited Belbin Team facilitator and uses the Belbin profiling tool in this workshop to identify team members contributions, develop strategies on how to play to their strengths and ensure more effective communication and interaction amongst team members. Midja works with organisations to identify and leverage their culture and values by creating a culture plan to ensure alignment with business strategy. 

Midja Fisher

Speaker, Mentor, Facilitator

2:05 pm

Workshop 12: How to be a productivity ninja (Held at HRD Booth)

This session will share 9 characteristics of the Productivity Ninja and attendees will learn strategies and tools to: 

  • reduce stress 
  • manage overwhelm 
  • increase productivity 
  • manage emails 
  • plan better 
  • love your work and your life 

Matt Cowdroy

Productivity Ninja, Think Productive Australia

2:35 pm
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