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9:00 am
9:15 am

Leading with resilience: The changing role of the HR leader

The changing conditions of hybrid work arrangements to attracting and retaining talent have been challenging, but many HR leaders have remained resilient, going above and beyond to support the business. In this session, Anna will share what it means to be a HR leader today and how the past year has shaped HR’s role as a strategic business partner.

  • Key lessons on leadership in times of uncertainty 
  • Skill development including soft skills and workforce planning to adapt and thrive in today’s environment 
  • Practicing self-care and avoiding burnout 

Anna Wenngren

Chief People Officer, SafetyCulture

9:45 am

CASE STUDY: Enhancing your talent attraction strategy

Employee expectations are changing with many seeking flexibility, inclusivity and work-life balance in addition to a competitive remuneration package. With talent shortage on the rise, how are organisations changing their talent attraction strategy? In this session, hear how Atlassian have leveraged their employee experience to attract talent. 

  • Creating flexible and inclusive working models 
  • Developing a positive work culture to improve work-life balance 
  • Supporting growth with career and skill development programs  
  • Communicating a clear company purpose and its values 

Andy Mountney

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Atlassian

11:00 am

Refining your HR technology portfolio

Many organisations rapidly shifted to remote work arrangements with an emergence of HR technology and tools for a hybrid workforce. With most employees continuously working remotely, how do you determine the value of adopting new tech in a fast-changing world?   

  • Rethinking your HR technology strategy to align with the company’s goals 
  • Focusing on value creation and workforce experiences as ultimate outcomes 
  • Selecting programs for a multigenerational workforce 
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for health, workforce, and economic insights
  • Evaluating existing technology and determining its value 

Rosalind Tregurtha

Chief People and Sustainability Officer, Domain

11:45 am
12:15 pm

WORKSHOP: Effective communication for a hybrid workforce

Face-to-face interactions are difficult to replicate in the virtual world however fostering connections continues to be a necessity for a positive work culture. In this workshop, Arabella will demonstrate how to overcome barriers in virtual communications including tips on making an authentic connection virtually.

  • Creating more personal connections by shifting the way you relate 
  • Identifying and communicating boundaries to maintain work-life balance 
  • Using informal coaching conversations to keep people on track 
  • Leveraging storytelling to reinforce relationships and overcome obstacles 

Arabella Macpherson

Director, Resonate Communications

12:45 pm

TED TALK: Creating meaning at work

While technology has made us more digitally connected than ever before, employees are feeling increasingly disconnected from their roles, teams, companies. How can HR leaders lead with purpose and create meaningful connections between employees and the company?

Martin Adlington

Group Chief People Officer, nib Group

2:10 pm
2:55 pm

INTERVIEW: Dealing with mental wellbeing at an executive-level

Executives are at the forefront of a rapidly changing workplace, experiencing greater stress levels that are often ignored. Creating a culture of understanding and normalising mental health conversations can begin with authentic and honest leaders. Hear how [speaker] has learned to lead by example on self-care and prioritising mental wellbeing.

Caren Schadel

Chief People Officer, Ramsay Health Care

3:55 pm

PANEL: Building the workforce of the future

With HR steering the transformation of a future-ready workforce, how are organisations equipping employees with the skills they need to adapt in a changing world? In this session, panellists will share the steps they are taking to prepare their workforce with future skills.  

  • Identifying the required capabilities for the future 
  • Mapping out a digital workforce transformation 
  • Examples of job redesigns to adapt to changing roles 
  • Successful learning and development initiatives with measurable outcomes
  • Preparing for a multigenerational shift in the workforce 


Victoria Doherty

Chief Human Resources Officer, Export Finance

Jessica Furolo

Chief Human Resources Officer, Merivale

Natalie Nicholson

Chief People & Corporate Affairs Officer, humm group

9:05 am
9:15 am

Change management strategies to adapt and thrive in uncertainty

From snap lockdowns to rapid digital transformation, the HR landscape is evolving and HR leaders play a pivotal role in delivering effective change management. In this session, Amy will discuss change management strategies to overcome disruption. 

  • Re-evaluating outdated change management processes  
  • Managing change as an ongoing process through adaptation and flexibility 
  • Identifying the latest set of skills and behaviours to be an effective change agent
  • Creating a strong communication strategy 
  • Tips to encourage employee buy-in

Amy Rixon

Chief People Officer, Frucor Suntory

10:00 am

CASE STUDY: Driving all-inclusive and equitable leadership

Building inclusive leadership practices is essential for cultivating a positive culture and employee experience in any organisation. In our current climate, it’s imperative for leaders to bring people together and leverage the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In this session, hear how [company] has developed inclusive leadership practices for a diverse workforce. 

  • Aligning company values and creating a culture of belonging
  • How can leaders adjust to align with an inclusive leadership strategy?  
  • Linking employee wellbeing to your DEI focus  
  • Customising your communication approach for different employee groups 
  • How can people analytics advance and drive DEI initiatives?    

Niki Kesoglou

Executive, Culture, Engagement & Inclusion, NAB

11:15 am

CASE STUDY: Redesigning career development plans

With employees experiencing burnout and seeking change in their roles, organisations need to revamp their career progression plans to align with the changing employee experience. How can we enhance the way we support employees in their growth? Hear how hipages Group has redesigned their career development programs to fully support their employees’ drive to grow, develop, and learn.  

  • Providing clarity and growth opportunities in career paths 
  • How to create meaningful mentorships in remote settings 
  • Supporting career frameworks with a robust learning and development strategy 

Jodette Cleary

Chief People & Culture Officer, hipages Group

12:00 pm

Leveraging people analytics for workforce strategies

Technology and digitalisation have enabled organisations to gather more data than ever before. However, more data doesn't always lead to more actionable insights and outcomes. HR leaders must identify the key metrics that will enable them to develop workforce strategies and the improve the overall employee experience.

  • Identifying key metrics that provide insight into HR strategy development
  • Aligning business goals and operational outcomes through people analytics
  • Recognising the limits of HR data when making final decisions

Simone Shugg

Chief People Officer, Nearmap

12:30 pm

Understanding the evolving role of middle managers

The role of the middle manager is shifting in response to the changing nature of the  workplace. What is the future role of the middle manager and how can HR leaders  support them in their development? 

  • How technology is automating workflows, improving communication and simplifying performance management for middle managers 
  • Maintaining connections and aligning teams with the overall company vision 
  • Creating diverse career development opportunities for middle managers  

Kiersten Hocking

Head of Learning, Capabilities and Training Standards, Transdev

Paul Birch

Chief People & Culture, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Transdev

2:10 pm

INTERVIEW: Creating a powerful employee value proposition (EVP)

In this session, hear how CSL has developed a strong EVP to gain competitive advantage and attract top-tier talent.

James Telfer

Director, Global Enabling Functions & APAC Talent Acquisition, CSL

2:40 pm

PANEL: A seat at the table – supporting the CEO as a strategic business partner

HR leaders have been pivotal in the growth and rebuilding of companies, providing strategic guidance during market instability. How can HR leaders continue to effectively support the CEO and company vision? 

  • Understanding the top priorities of CEOs in 2022 
  • How can HR leaders help clarify an organisation’s value, purpose and vision? 
  • Embedding your CEO’s vision in your HR strategies   
  • How can we identify key talent roles and use them to create value? 


James McIlvena

Managing Director, South APAC, LHH

Anna El Ali

Global VP People, Splend

Jill Rezsdovics

Chief People Officer, The GPT Group

Samara Dobbins

Deputy Secretary, People & Operations, Department of Premier and Cabinet (NSW)

3:40 pm
3:45 pm
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