8:00am Registration opens
9:00am Welcome from the Chairperson

Danielle Neale – Entrepreneur in Residence, Faculty of Engineering, UNSW

9:15am KEYNOTE: How to be a Resilient Leader

Resilience is a critical trait for strategic HR professionals.  In this inspiring keynote, go beyond the boundaries of the workplace and be inspired by Bridie Dawson and how she overcame setbacks to achieve success.

  • How to become an established leader within your field
  • How to become an authentic and resilient leader
  • Empowering advice to help you to meet your professional and personal goals

Bridie Dawson – Chief People Officer, Australian Financial Security Authority

9:50am CASE STUDY: Using  Data to Optimise Talent Management and Transformative Culture Change

Workforce analytics can now tell us more about people than ever before. This session will address:

  • Using HR data to tailor recruitment strategies
  • Talent and workforce planning tools that provide a clear line of sight into a changing workforce
  • Predicting future trends and behaviour through predictive analytics
  • Supporting data-driven talent strategies and evidence-based decision making with HR analytics
  • Improving operational reporting by implementing infrastructure and processes to provide insights into HR clients and business leaders

Sarah Proudford – Director of National Recruitment, Australian Bureau of Statistics

10:30am Morning refreshments and networking break
11:00am CASE STUDY: Delivering the Best Change Management Strategy

In May 2016, Bankstown and Canterbury councils amalgamated. Since that time, Canterbury Bankstown Council has developed a comprehensive organisational change program to transition the two former organisations to the new City of Canterbury Bankstown.

  • Embracing a new leadership structure for service delivery and process alignment
  • Focusing on team building and working with teams to create new team structures
  • Empowering its people and creating the right culture
  • Delivering the council’s vision to be “a leading organisation that collaborates and innovates”

Simone Cook – Director of People and Performance, City of Canterbury Bankstown

11:40am PANEL DISCUSSION: How to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion within the Public Sector

The world has changed over the last two years and HR is changing with it. We are now seeing unprecedented levels of workforce diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion and sexual identification.

  • Widening the diversity lens beyond gender issues
  • Bias-free recruitment processes
  • Driving diversity and innovation to support future workplace transformation
  • Creating an inclusive culture where everyone is comfortable being who they are


Sonja Braidner – Inclusion and Diversity Lead, Fire & Rescue NSW

Adeline Hough – Director – People and Culture, Department of Health QLD

Jeremy Moore – Assistant Commissioner – Workforce Strategy and Change, Australian Taxation Office

Dr Sue Williamson – Senior Lecturer – HR Management, UNSW

12:30pm Advancing Department of Justice NSW’s journey to leverage Workforce Planning and Technology to enhance its People Strategy 

There is a growing need to embed workforce planning across public service organisations in order to meet future workforce needs and respond to the digital environment. This session, you will learn how to:

  • Develop the right frameworks through inter-departmental collaboration
  • Implementing a strategic workforce planning framework to overcome future workforce changes
  • Using predictive analytics and data to identify gaps in workforce development
  • Preparing for the department’s future of work and lessons learnt 12 months on

Catherine Davies – Director Talent and Workforce Manager, Department of Justice NSW

Kevin Flack – Director of Strategic HR, Department of Justice NSW

1:00pm Networking lunch
2:00pm CASE STUDY: How to Embed an Inclusive Recruitment Process

The challenge to attract and maintain a highly skilled and diverse workforce is integral to the performance of the Australian public service. This session will address:

  • Improving your branding and positioning as an employer of choice
  • How to promote inclusion at every stage of the recruitment process
  • Reducing unconscious bias during recruitment
  • Creating a collaborative strategy

Breda Diamond – Director – Organisational Change, Capability and Development, Service NSW

2:40pm CASE STUDY: Taking Proactive Measures to create a Mentally Healthy Workforce

Mental health and the way in which we tackle it within the workplace is a major challenge for all Australian employers. This session will outline:

  • Early recognition, intervention and support for mental illness in the workplace
  • How to make your workplace more accepting of mental illness and more open so that people feel able to seek the help they need
  • Training leaders and managers to tackle mental health stigma
  • Practical steps to breaking down the stigma of mental illness – what worked for the department

Corinne McDevitt – Training and Development Manager, NSW Department of Education

3:15pm Afternoon tea
3:45pm PANEL: Future of work: Automation, Remote Working and Technological Advances driving HR Transformation

HR technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The way we work is becoming increasingly augmented by technology, which frees up our capacity for higher-order cognitive tasks such as leadership coaching. Or does it?

  • What will the future workforce look like and how will the role of HR evolve?
  • How to prepare the workforce of the future through scenario planning and workforce analytics
  • Building a vision for the future and delivering transformational change
  • Tracking and measuring the key competencies needed for organisational agility in the digital workplace


Stephen Grieve – Head of People Support and Development, National Gallery of Australia

Paul Landy – Chief People and Transformation, QSuper

Christalla Michael – Head of HR, City of Parramatta

4:30pm Event concludes